Divine Divination


Hi ! I'm Bee. I'm a Brooklyn based licensed clinical social worker, tarot reader, astrologer, and healer with over twenty years of experience. I use the tarot as a treasure map, leading us to our desires, our dreams and our destiny. 


I offer several different types of Tarot readings including Basic Overview, Partner Compatibility, The Year Ahead (great for the new year and for birthdays), Love and Sex and all my readings include extra Quick Draw Drill Downs to get clear answers on specific concerns.

My face to face readings incorporate a sound and water ritual and typically last 1-1.5 hours, depending on your questions and needs. I am available to travel within a 45 mile distance from Brooklyn New York. 

I also offer online tarot and specialized astrology readings via Skype or FaceTime and create customized spell candles rolled with magic and intention. Check out my readings under services. 

 I look forward to working with you. 

About BlessingBomb Custom Made Spell Candles:

Hand rolled 100% beeswax candles made especially for you with love, magic, talismans, herbals, flowers and an intention inside. Instructions and date to burn included. Full/New Set is $20 Individual BlessingBombs are $9  Everything is mailed via Priority Shipping for an additional $6.70. Payable by PayPal or Venmo. Need a special candle ? Look at my services page for details.  

  • Full and New Moon Candles red & gold

  • LoveBomb  pink 

  • MoneyBomb  green 

  • LuckBomb  purple 

  • ForgiveBomb ivory 

  • ReleaseBomb black

  • PowerBomb orange

Readings and Services: 

As a licensed clinician, I am empathetic and understand that clients come to me seeking answers. We may not always love what the cards say, but they never tell us anything that we aren't ready to hear. I read with the very same deck I learned on twenty years ago. Both me and my cards are gentle  and have a sense of humor. 

*Face to Face Tarot Reading: $200/hour with sound and water cleansing ritual. 

*Skype/FaceTime Tarot reading $150

*Astrology Basic Natal Chart Interpretation $75

*Consultation and custom BlessingBomb spell candles after a telephone/FaceTime or Skype consultation, I will create 2 custom candles for you based on your situation and needs $50

*Natal Chart Year of Magic Reading: natal chart interpretation plus 13 hand rolled BlessingBomb candles with dates and instructions based on your chart compared to the astrological year ahead. $270 plus Priority Shipping 

*Natal Chart Power Point Reading: natal chart interpretation plus 4 BlessingBomb Power Points based on the year ahead $125 plus Priority Shipping

*Private Parties and Corporate Events please contact me below to discuss how I can make your event special. I have read for The Coney Island USA Winter and Spring Galas, The Gibson Guitar Christmas Party, and The Searchers Retreat and Expo 2017. 

All bookings are payable via PayPal or Venmo  



Clients Love Bee and BlessingBomb:

Those blessing bombs are “grenades of goodness”... gifted to me by my sacred sister.~Michelle Angela
Bee uses her honesty, wisdom and compassion while delivering tarot readings. Highly recommended!” ~Jess Miller
BlessingBomb candles are pure magic. I brought one with me to Bali and performed a very powerful full moon ceremony lit solely by her custom candle and it was an exceptionally powerful, beautiful and sacred experience. Thank you for this amazing work!~ The Reverend Legs Malone aka Anna Brooks, healer
I had my very first real card reading with Bee. Not because I was in need to know anything in particular but because I wanted to have this experience with someone I know. Everything was really relaxing starting from the washing of the hands with scented oils. She welcomed every question I had about each card as it came out. She also told me to take a pictures of my cards in case I had future questions. I highly reccomand her ! ~ Ruby Merchant

"Bee is the BeelezeBEST -- the world's only bumper 'n' grinder and Reader & Adviser all in one package. She tells futures with STYLE." ~ConeyIslandUSA

"Bee is pure magic ! Her Natal Chart Year of Magic is gorgeous and deeply personal. It's my in depth go to guide for the year- her predictions are on point, she's a hot witchy life coach giving out love and true Blessings" ~Veronica Varlow The Love Witch